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Order and catalogue your music, CDs, DVDs, books...


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Catalogador has a simple and easy design and it doesn't require data base knowledge to have an inventory of books, videogames, music, films...up to 17 different categories! Each one of them is customized with at least six different fields, where the most complete and important information about each element is gathered.

It also includes the most important tools to be able to access, show, search and filter the information so the way of showing the elements of each category can be established according to each person’s personal desires.

There are two tools to be mentioned, which automatize the insertion of compressed songs into different formats and videos: Audio-o-Matic and Video-o-Matic.

In the music CDs category you can find the CDDB option which allows you to conduct enquiries on the Internet for information about the CD inserted in the CD/DVD unit.
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